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ClickMeeting is an online meeting and conferencing service. As the global economy grows services like these are needed more than ever. As a business owner you may have employees, team members, partners and clients scattered throughout the world. You may have local employees that work from home. You may have team members in othet countries. Your partners and clients can be anywhere in the world. By using online meeting and conferencing you can stay connected which in the end can help grow your company. Being able to communicate, share ideas and resources with the people you work with can enhance your business and strengthen your business relationships.

ClickMeeting's online meeting and web conferencing service can be used to:

  • Have an virtual office meeting with employees who telecommute and share files and applications with them.
  • Hold a webinar to demonstrate a new product to your clients, and conduct polls for market research.
  • Hold a conference with partners where you can brainstorm and collaborate on a project using online whiteboard.
  • Make a multiple presentation to clients, allowing different team members to take the lead.
  • Hold a teleseminar to promote your book and allow the participants to chime in, allowing you to get feedback..
  • Have a customized meeting or conference room that promotes your company's brand.
  • Instruct outsourced workers on how to use a program using desktop sharing.
  • Eliminate downtime and travel time and allow key people to meet more frequenly for updates and strategy sessions.
  • Record a presentation to post on your website or email to participants who could not attend.
  • Record a webinar to sell as a product.

ClickMeeting allows you do all of this without ever leaving your office. You can better manage your remote employees. You can partner with people anywhere in the world. The ability to hold online meeting and online conferences will change the way you do business, by allowing you to truly work from anywhere.

ClickMeeting: What makes it different?

ClickMeeting is the online meeting service, it includes:

  • Audio conferencing by phone or internet
  • Video conferencing.
  • Text chat with private discussions.
  • Whiteboard function to allow collaboration.
  • Files and application sharing.
  • Customized meeting room.

ClickMeeting holds a maximum of 25 participants.

ClickWebinar is an online web conferncing service, it includes:

  • Audio conferencing by phone or internet
  • Video conferencing.
  • Polling and FAQs session to catch feedback and responses to questions.
  • Point and click invitations and reminders.
  • Audience management platform.
  • The ability to change the presenter during the presentation
  • Customized conference room.

ClickWebinar has 4 plans which range from up to 50 to 1000 participants.

All of the ClickMeeting and Click Webinar plans do not require any software installations and are accessible from all browsers and operating systems.

ClickMeeting vs. primary competitors (sites similar to ClickMeeting)

GotoMeeting and GoToWebinars is an online meeting and web conferencing company which offers a service similar to ClickMeeting and ClickWebinar. GotoMeeting is their online meeting service. They allow 15 participants while ClickMeeting allows 25. GotoMeeting does allow participants to attend meetings by iPad, iPhone and Android. Other than that all of their features are the same. For a maximum of 15 participants the cost is $468/year ($39/month) or $49/month with annual plan.

GotoWebinar which includes GotoMeeting offers services similar to ClickWebinar. They do offer Outlook calender integration for participants. For webinars up to 100 participants and costs $948/year ($79/month) or $99/mon with the montly plan. Up to 500 participants costs $3,828/year ($319/month) or $99 month on monthly plan. Up to $1000 participants plan costs $4,788/year ($399/month) or $499 per month on the montly plan. These plants include version upgrades.

Cisco WebEx is an onling meeting and web conferencing service. They offer 2 plans with the Meeting Center service. The main difference is that they charge a monthly fee per host. For a maximum of 8 participants you would pay $15/month or $19/month for the monthly plan, with this plan you're only allowed one host. For a maximum of 25 participants the cost would be $39 per host/month on the annual plan or $49 per host/month for the monthly plan, with this plan you're allowed up to 9 hosts.

WebEx offers a conferencing service, WebEx Event Center, which includes many of the same features of ClickWebinar. The main difference is that they have an exoomerve function which allows PayPal to be used for training. THey do not provide pricing for this service which can accomodate up to 3000 participants. 

ClickMeeting: Pricing & packages


ClickMeeting holds up to 25 participants and costs $19.95/month with an annual plan or $29.95/month with the monthly plan.

ClickWebinar has 4 plans:

For webinars with up to 50 participants and costs $29.95/month with an annual plan or $39.95/month with the monthly plan.

For webinars with up to 100 participants and costs $59.95/month with an annual plan or $79.95/month with the monthly plan.

For webinars with up to 500 participants and costs $119.95/month with an annual plan or $159.95/month with the monthly plan.

For webinars with up to 1000 participants and costs $199.95/month with an annual plan or $269.95/month with the monthly plan.

With both of these services all features are included, there are no hidden fees or charges.

If your business requires more than these packages offer, ClickMeeting offers a Corporate plan. You need to contact ClickMeeting for pricing information.

ClickMeeting is offering a 30 day free trial in ClickMeeting or ClickWebinar (50 participant plan) with no credit card required.

ClickMeeting and ClickWebinar costs significantly less than it's competitors.

ClickMeeting: Product images & screenshots
ClickMeeting Coupons
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ClickMeeting: Customer reviews & comments

What's most noted about ClickMeeting and ClickWebinar is how user friendly it is. The ease of use from setting up the meeting to managing a webinar using the afministrative control make this service more usable.

One complaint was that the collaboration function was somewhat limited. The company if fairly new and they said they are working to continuously improve their services based on customer feedback.

In an interview with a customer said  he was able to organize meetings in minutes and save money on travel and get more done. Click Meeting not only contributes to his company's success, it also builds on their sense of community. 

ClickMeeting gives you the benefits of a face to face meeting without the time and travel required to get your key people together at the same time in the same place. It also takes away any excuses people have as far as bing "out of the office" or "out of town." This will help you increase your company's productivity which can increase your profits.

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Comments (3)

Well, ClickWebinar pricing you highlighted is definitely the strong point here, so tools like GoToWebinar or Cisco Webex you mention too, seem like a no deal to me. 

A while ago went through some testing with ClickWebinar and bought an annual package with them. Few days afterwards contacted their support team seeking for guidance, my inquiry was dealt with in a professional manner, so no issues there. 

Hope the good customer service along with reliability will continue.

ClickMeeting is good. Additionally, you may also try R-HUB web conferencing servers.
ClickMeeting is good. Additionally, you may also try R-HUB web conferencing servers.
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