Dimdim vs. GoToMeeting / WebEx: How Does It Stack Up in Features, Price and Ease of Use?
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Dimdim vs. GoToMeeting / WebEx: How Does It Stack Up in Features, Price and Ease of Use?

If you're familiar with GoToMeeting and WebEx you're probably familiar with some of their pain points. Getting booted off of meetings for no apparent reason, long load times, and incompatibility are no unusual for conference attendees, and if you are a subscriber to one of these services you're probably aware of the seemingly high cost for what should be a relatively simple application. All in all, current solutions seem a bit like heavy-weight and expensive solutions of yesterday.

Lightweight and web-based

Dimdim is a new entrant to the online conferencing market and takes a different approach. Dimdim is natively web-based and seems to have more in common with Google and Twitter than heavy enterprise software. The Dimdim application is lightweight, fast, and uncluttered. For me its worked seamlessly on Macs and PCs and on any browser.

Stable, no spontaneous bootings

I have yet to be booted randomly from a conference on Dimdim, an unfortunate occurrence which is all too common on WebEx. I've attended dozens of meetings on both Macs and PCs, in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome, and the software works as it should.

Free to cheap

You can use Dimdim without even paying, and if you upgrade to a premium subscription (allowing you to host larger conferences) Dimdim is still significantly cheaper than webEx and GoToMeeting. Here are the packages:

Desktop Sharing

Dimdim provides a plug-in which allows you to share your native desktop, similar to how WebEx and GoToMeeting do it. Nothing much to note here, the feature works similarly on all three services from our test.

4-way video and voice conferencing

Dimdim allows you to have 2-way or 4-way video conferencing, and voice conferencing. Video and voice quality is on-par with services like Skype, varying depending on your bandwidth.

All-in-all, you get the sense that the people who created Dimdim are no-nonsense people who focus on just what's important and not much else. Dimdim does just what you need a web conferencing service to do, and doesn't try to cram a lot more in there. And it's fast and cheap.

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Comments (4)
Brian Parker

Dimdim is a good product. But you should consider RHUB's TurboMeeting. It shares Dimdim's positives: lightweight, fast, uncluttered. There's no spontaneous bootings. TurboMeeting has 4-way video cameras. RHUB charges no monthly fees since you purchase an appliance for as low as $995. And TurboMeeting is considered as good as GoToMeeting and WebEx:




GoToMeeting works for me better as we can conduct unlimited meetings online. It has extensive features that can support our needs for the company. Just got expensive at $49 a month. You can also try 321meet for free as it has simple features.

Check https://www.collabair.com. This is collaboration and meetings tool that can be put into your own company website, Your people dont have to go anywhere else to use it. What we used to do it. use Lync for day to day chat then use G2M for meeting, schedule meetings on Email. then schedule the same on G2M, Our meetings documents were on Email which were not easily accessible during meetings and meeting were not traceable. With collabair we can access chat, meeting scheduler, meeting, meeting documents, meeting tracking form same location from our own company website..

Quality wise its great, You can have screen sharing in realtime. Ther is absolutley no delay in screensharing. The Video quality is great. And it come in $2/month/user.

isnt this amazing. Try it out. 

We use collabair.com,  It intgrates the chat, Voice and video calling .Screen sharing , meetings on our own website. We dont have to run behind different tools to achive chat and meetings. It is at the same place, on your website.

 collabair has something called meeting workplace, where u can schedule meetings, upload files regarding meeting, keep MOM at meeting workplace. You can access meeting workplace from chat dropdown.

Check out https://www.collabair.com