GoToMeeting vs. Zoom Video vs. Skype: Web Conferencing Tools Compared
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GoToMeeting vs. Zoom Video vs. Skype: Web Conferencing Tools Compared

GoToMeeting should be your “go to” option if you want to try out their service for a month for free first before buying. Zoom will appeal to those who want flexible pricing options since you can pick and choose extra features like cloud recording. Skype will work for bargain hunters and those that really need to integrate Microsoft services in web conferencing.
Covered in this report
GoToMeeting — Best Features
Free 30 day trial without credit card.
Six high definition video feeds available per session.
Best for: Businesses that need to conduct in-house meetings with departments.
Zoom Video Communications — Best Features
Personalized live demo gets someone to show you how the web conferencing works in real time.
Flexible pricing to add webinars, cloud reporting, and other features.
Best for: Those who want proof of concept before committing to anything.
Skype — Best Features
Use PowerPoint through the system to illustrate points in the conference.
Full integration with Microsoft 365 if you have this service.
Best for: Microsoft enthusiasts who want to make use of PowerPoint.
Best deal: 33% Off Monthly - [activate coupon]

Web conferencing tools have brought up entirely new possibilities when it comes to the way that we work with each other both locally and globally. Here are a few examples of these web conferencing tools, complete with a comparison of their major features and pricing.



GoToMeeting is a simple to use system with a free trial. It has built-in audio options with either Toll or VoIp to choose from. The parent company, Citrix, also runs other online options like GoToMyPC.


  • Frequent Coupons-There are deals on the site that let you save 20% or more on your purchases. These are usually always there, so don’t worry about any claims that try to force immediacy by giving you a false sense that they’ll be going away forever.
  • 30 Day Trial Without Credit Card-Trying out GoToMeeting for free is possible over a month long trial that doesn’t even make you use a credit card.
  • Quick Meeting Connect-If you click the “Join a Meeting” or “Host a Meeting” links in orange in the top right, you can get going with an online meeting right away by putting in the Meeting ID if you’re joining, for example.

Zoom Video Communications


Zoom Video gets a score of 69 from the Garter Critical Capabilities Report. This included 4.5 out of 5 in webinars. Overall, more than 350,000 companies use Zoom including Ticketmaster, Stanford, Arista and others.


  • Demos-You can click on the “request a demo” button in orange to see how it all works. There’s also the “live demo” link in blue that will get you a personalized version of the demo.
  • Pay as You Go Cloud Recording-There are extra options for payment under Zoom including paying $10 per month per GB of cloud recording if you want a record of your video sessions.
  • Audio Conferencing Options-It’s $100 per month to get extra audio options including toll-free or dedicated dial-in numbers, though this is another $10 per month.
  • Raise Hand-There’s an option to “raise your hand” to get the attention of instructors during the simple online meeting option for Zoom.
  • Plugins-You can get plugins for both Google Chrome and Outlook to make it easier to connect and experience meetings. You can access MP4 or M4A file recordings and create them through the tool as well.


Skype is already a highly popular tool for individuals to speak and see each other through video and audio, but it also serves well as a web conferencing tool. It’s important to note that you can’t make emergency calls with Skype, however.


  • Video Call for 10 People-You have plenty of room for major web conferencing meetings through Skype this way.
  • Join Meetings from Any Device-This includes a personalized URL that lets anyone who can visit the page join the meeting.
  • PowerPoint Tools-By using PowerPoint through Skype, you can collaborate with others in the meeting and even do screen sharing.

Head to Head


GoToMeeting has a free trial for a month, but after that, it’s $19 per month for the Starter package that gives you 1-click meetings, Web audio, dial-in conference line, sharing of screens, and HD video conferencing for up to 10 participants. It’s $29 for 50 and $49 for 100.

Zoom is significantly cheaper than GoToMeeting at $12.49 per month if you bill yearly. If you want extra features, Zoom lets you add these in using an a la carte approach with Webinar support going for $33.33 per month when billed annually. You can get a large meeting

feature for the same price, and cloud recording for 1 GB per month at $10 per month extra if you pay as you go.

Skype is free for personal use at a basic level, but after that, you can get either a rate of 2.3 cents per minute in the U.S. through Skype credits or pay $7 for all North America mobile and landlines for unlimited calling.

Overall, Skype is the cheapest for absolute basic video conferencing options, but you get a lot more with Zoom at the $12.49 per month.


GoToMeeting doesn’t make you use a credit card for its month-long trial, which is worth noting since some places make it difficult for you to cancel your subscription after a trial. There’s a live sales chat available on the site if you want some help with deciding. This is in the top of the main page. The intuitive controls also include handing over keyboard and mouse control to anyone else at the meeting, sharing desktop broadcasting, and a plethora of device options for PC, Mac, Chromebook or Linux.

Zoom differs from the other options primarily in the pricing. You can add several different options on a case by case basis including cloud recording for $10 per GB per month. You also have options such as HD video and HD voice, though these appear to be a bit more expensive than GoToMeeting. Zoom also has annotation and co-annotation options which GoTo doesn’t always have.

Skype has integration capability with PowerPoint. If your business group is using Microsoft products heavily, it can make it way easier to get your message across using these systems with Microsoft since it has the natural compatibility there. You can also get Office 365 for interfacing through this as well. You’ll get an upper limit of 250 people for meetings and full access to other office apps across web conferences such as Word, Excel, OneNote and Outlook.

Overall, Zoom has strong security features like their AES 256-bit encryption and SSL options as well as SSO and Google login options. This appears to be stronger security than GoToMeeting, for example. Zoom also appears to emphasized security more than Skype does at a basic level as well. Skype has actually had some negative publicity on this note, and encourage you to use other options like a virtual private network to secure calls. With Zoom, you won’t need this. Skype gives you meeting capability for up to 250 people when you integrate it with Office 365, making it the best of the three there when it comes to price.

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