Top 5 Online Meeting Software - Reviewed & Ranked
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Top 5 Online Meeting Software - Reviewed & Ranked

CNET recently released their online meeting software reviews and rankings. Online meeting software has evolved greatly in the past two years, with an influx of new market entrants vying to compete with old standards such as WebEx and GoToMeeting. Trends point to decreasing prices, greater emphasis on browser-based solutions, increasing voice and video quality, and ease of sharing files such as presentations. With rapid innovation and improved web-based solutions, we decided it was a good time for another roundup of the leading solutions.

What to look for

The best online meeting solutions in today's market will provide cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility, easy desktop and file sharing, recorded meeting notes, and high-quality video conferencing. Some of the newer solutions require no download, so your attendees can simply access a URL and attend the full meeting. The best solutions will work seamlessly on any type of computer and on any browser, and some will even work on smartphones. Good services will also have a low incidence of "crashing" or "booting" people off meetings. Better solutions will also be very easy to use and navigate, with minimal need to instruct attendees on how to attend the meeting.

Comparison Matrix - Popular Online Meeting Tools


Ease of use





Vendor site


Cisco WebEx Meeting Center




$49 / mo


Go now






$49 / mo


Go now


Dimdim 5.5




$24 / mo

21% off

Go now


MegaMeeting Professional



5 - 100

$75 / mo

10% off

Go now






$20 / mo


Go now


Microsoft Live Meeting 2007




$50 / mo


Go now



Dimdim is the most web-based solution, working completely in a browser with no downloads. It has most of the features of Webex and GoToMeeting, but with far less complexity (and its cheaper). Cisco Webex is the best overall solution if you work in a larger organization. It has many features for webinars and larger conferences which the other services lack. MegaMeeting is a good option if you need robust features like a Webex, but also need a no-download solution that your attendees can attend with only a web browser. I find this to be critical when hosting meetings with remote clients who might not have a good internet connection.

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Comments (8)
Andrew Donnelly

Hi Raj,

Have you also looked at Mikogo Web Conferencing? It's a free solution for not just online meetings, but remote support as well. Very quick and easy to get started, and then you can instantly share any screen content with your participants. Simplicity is key. You can read more about Mikogo at or please feel free to contact me.


Andrew Donnelly

The Mikogo Team

Twitter: @Mikogo

Brian Parker

Raj, you should check out RHUB's TurboMeeting ( ). They offer no download attendance via Flash or Javascript (which means iPhones and iPads can join) for 100s of attendees. This review ranked them right there with WebEx:

Karolina Stefanowicz

Hi Raj,

There's also a brand new service to consider - visit It's totally browser-based, rich in advanced functionalities like live video chat, app and file sharing, whiteboard tools and complete custom branding of the meeting room. You can try it a month free with full functionality and perhaps you could review it and compare with others, too.




Oh Yugma surprised me a lot. Loved to work with it and especially love its price:) This tool is perfect for conferences but when it comes to sharing files and screen sharing I would recommend other remote control tools.

Using Yugma my work required a bit more functions. So I would recommend Logmein, GotoAssist or Techinline.

But choose Yugma if you need it only for online meetings. That's my vote


Yugma've got nice paying plans!

I'm wondering why the most popular remote desktop programs aren't on that list (Logmein, Teamviewer,VNC)?

Would agree with Ric. I'm also using Techinline and never had any problems with this tool. And they have very handy " pay as you go" option for occasional pro users. Here you go:


Have you tried It is cloud-based service for organizing online and face-to-face meetings. It is very simple to use and requires no installations or registerations.


Have you tried It is cloud-based service for organizing online and face-to-face meetings. It is very simple to use and requires no installations or registerations.

Great post Raj! Very well described but you didn\'t mention Banckle Meeting and that surprises me. Banckle Meeting

ccompetes all above mentioned apps as far as pricing, usage, UI, features, help & support, tools & customization is concerned. Kindly check this out!